TDI represents Industrie Bitossi S.p.A. who manufactures High Alumina (minimum 90% Al2O3), brick for mill linings, ceramic grinding media, and brick or tile for wear resistant surfaces. We can engineer the mill linings, recommend media charges, and provide installation services from as little as you want up to turn-key ready-to-run installations.


All Bitossi's linings are engineered to match your mill dimensions. Each door, hole and entrance/discharge opening is made specifically for your mill. Brick is made in a variety of thicknesses and we can engineer your mill to use a variety of thicknesses depending on the area of the mill and the inherent wear in that area. These bricks are engineered for batch mills, continuous mills and attritor mills , etc. All Bitossi linings are made from a fine grain 90% alumina material and are made with the appropriate angles to provide a "keystone design" that ensures a long lasting lining.

High Alumina linings are preferable to stone linings because they increase service life and milling volumes. Alumina linings have proven themselves superior to other linings in a wide variety of milling environments and their longer life saves significant dollars in replacement costs and downtime.

Contact us for engineering assistance or lining installation. We have the expertise to answer your toughest questions.



Alumina brick is used to reduce wear in a variety of applications in the following industries:

Coal Fired Power Generation
Some of the most demanding processes require the most advanced wear resistant Alumina ceramics available. Bitossi's Alumina formulations are specifically designed to provide the highest protection in these extreme wear environments. Service life of areas using Bitossi's high alumina can be increase by as much as 10 times.

Mining & Mineral Processing
In the mining and processing of silica sand, coal, iron ore and precious metal wear rates can be extremely high. Using Bitossi's proprietary DURALBIT you can extend the service life of equipment and reduce downtime by installing ceramic at high wear areas. Contact us to discuss how you can save money and downtime by using DURALBIT. We can offer a variety of sizes and shapes of ceramic, ceramic panels, hex-tiles, and custom shapes.

Grain Handling
In storage and transfer stations around the world ceramic wear resistant linings have been installed to reduce the wear caused by the high speed movement of corn, rice, wheat, soybeans, and coffee. Our experts can tell how to best achieve the maximum efficiency using ceramic wear resistant linings.

Pulp & Paper Processing
Bitossi's fine grain 90% Alumina Ceramic is an ideal material that protects many areas in the pulp and paper manufacturing process. Alumina Ceramic provides a corrosion and wear resistant surface that will not contaminate the chemical solutions used in papermaking.

Iron & Steel Making
Alumina ceramics is an ideal material tor lining skip cars, chutes, hoppers, fan housings, piping and feeder pipes.

TDI not only provides the finest engineered high alumina brick on the market, we also install brick in:  
  • Ash Lines
  • Bins
  • Burner Liners
  • Centrifuge Flite Liners
  • Classifier Cones
  • Conveyors Screens
  • Chutes
  • Cyclones
  • Discharge Chutes
  • Diverter Gates
  • Ducts
  • Elbows
  • Feed Pipes & Chutes
  • Fan Blades
  • Housings
  • Hoppers
  • Mixer Tanks
  • Pipes
  • Skirts
  • Slurry Pipes
  • Surge Bins
  • Seperators
  • Silos
  • Vibrating Chutes
  • Vibrating Panels
  • Vibrating Feeders
  • Wear Panels
If there is a wear problem, contact us and our engineers will help you solve the problem.

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