TDI follows a set of standards and guidelines that represent an international consensus on good quality management practices. TDI takes a systematic approach to managing processes so a consistent product is delivered that satisfies the customer’s expectations by completing the following:

  • Determining the requirements specified by the customer, including the requirements for delivery and post delivery activities by working with the customer to define and then meet their requirements, including specifications, working environment, materials type, tolerances and delivery.
  • Ensure that all statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the product are met.
  • Comply with any additional requirements considered necessary by TDI to meet the safe manufacturing and use of the specified products.

TDI will review the requirements related to the product. This review is conducted prior to TDI’s commitment to supply a product to the customer (e.g. submission of an estimate, acceptance of orders, acceptance of changes to orders) and ensures that:

  • Product requirements are defined
  • Order requirements differing from those previouesly expressed are resolved
  • TDI has the ability to meet the defined requirements

The above information will be used to manufacture products with current and accepted manufacturing methods that meet customer’s requirements as noted on drawings, and other means that the customer has approved

Our goal is to provide the highest quality products that meet customer requirements; provide continuous improvements in methods and processes and products; work toward an environmentally friendly way of recycling products in all phases of manufacture and use; and provide, as requested, a certification of compliance to the above.



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