TDI offers reels, drums and spools for processing and shipping applications. In both plastic and steel we have a variety of colors that can be used. These reels are rigid and can be dynamically balanced.


TDI offers the widest selection of cable reels, drums and spools in the industry..

TDI supplies a range of steel and plastic reels that are manufactured to international standards and are suitable for all cable and wire making processes from high-speed wire drawing reels to large take-up reels.

Sizes available from 50 mm up to 1200 mm. We can provide engineering assistance in providing customized solutions with both the design and presentation to your customer. All reels, drums and spools meet DIN standards. We offer many products that can be recycled. Contact us for engineering assistance and sales inquiries.


Plastic Reels :

  • No nails that can cause damage to the cable
  • No risk of mold forming on the reels
  • No negative impact from extreme weather conditions
  • Constant weight no matter rain or heat
  • UV-Resistant for up to 10 years
  • Easy to customize

Steel Reels :

  • MF (Metal Flange) Pressed metal process reels
  • SM (Semi Machined Double wall high speed reels)
  • FM (Fully Machined) Steel high speed reels
  • SD (Steel Drums) Large steel process and Shipping Drums

Fun Facts about our Plastic Reels:

  • Our plastic reels are specificall designed to handle temperatures from -40° to +70° Celsius
  • It is possible to nail and staple the plastic compound
  • Our flanges are molded with high impact ABS, PS, PP, Nylon or customer specified materials
  • These reels can be recycled
  • We offer collapsible designs


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